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Monday, May 08, 2006

Team Leaders are THE communication link.

In most organisations, there are two types of people. Those who do the work that customers value, and those who do the other stuff that goes on in the company - sales, admin, finance, management, etc. The other 'stuff' is usally needed to make sure that the company remains in business to serve its customers - we're not making any judgements here on the relative value of these two types of people!

Team Leaders are the bridge between the two. Uniquely, they're responsible for both doing the work and the other stuff that goes on.

This week's Team Tips is all about this 'middle man' role. With seven easy-to-apply steps that'll take you less than three minutes to read, its packed with practical how-to tips that you should be able to put to work this week.

You can download the Effective Communications article, or sign up for other free team leaders articles from the Sevenrings website.


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