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Monday, September 04, 2006

One At A Time, Please (3)

What Next? More About Focus and Flow

This edition of TeamTips is concerned with the performance-management side of Team Leadership. There are three things you can do if you’re interested in finding out more about this:

1. Read a Book
We recommend “Cellular Manufacturing: One-Piece Flow for Workteams”, by Productivity Press. This is a great book from the ‘shopfloor series’. Very manufacturing oriented, but full of useful techniques for office, or service-sector teams. It’s available from the Sevenrings book shop at just click on the logo to order.

2. Think About Organisation With Either Focus or Flow
Look at the incredible focus of a Formula One pit team when they’re doing a tyre change. If you’re in Tyne & Wear, go to Porcelli’s fish & chip shop on the Team Valley. How they cope with the Friday lunch-time rush is a superb example of flow. To see how bad things can be without focus or flow, visit almost any busy pub, and just watch the chaos at the bar!

3. Call Sevenrings
We’ve helped dozens of individuals and organisations improve their performance through creating focus and flow, and we’d be happy to talk to you about your particular situation at no initial charge.

We specialise in helping people to get better results by changing the way they work. We can provide training from 1/2 day taster sessions focusing on just one aspect of the Team leader’s role, up to comprehensive programmes over several months.

Our phone number is 0191 2522 335.

I've just got back from my summer holiday, so we're aiming to record the podcast to accompany this article on Wednesday 6th September.


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