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Monday, June 05, 2006

How Can A Drawing Be Worth $100,000 a Week?

Understanding Cause and Effect Can Save You a Fortune

When you want to improve the results you get, you need to understand how the various inputs influence your outputs. That way, you can see where to concentrate your effort, and what kind of return you should expect.

This week's TeamTips is all about understanding cause and effect using a technique called Scatter Diagrams. This simplest of graphs is one of the best methods available for improving process results.

It was the main method I used a few years ago to eliminate a quality problem that was costing $100,000 a week.

With that kind of result, its got to be worth the three minutes it takes to read TeamTips. As usual, its packed with practical how-to tips that you can put to work today.

Click here for this short article on Scatter Diagrams - my favourite $100,000 improvement method.

We also have two companion pieces for this article:

A worked example of Scatter Diagrams in Excel format.

The article's also available as a podcast from 13th June:
Click to download the audio version of this edition of TeamTips


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